Are You A Sissy? Trending 50+ Sissy Quiz [ June 2020]

Did someone call you sissy? You aren’t so sure about what it is? Not sure whether it was compliment or insult. Let us clarify it.

Sissy is an offensive name for someone. It is used to insult a man or boy who seems weak or cowardly. Also, it is to call people who act in a stereotypically feminine way.

Hence, people who call others sissy aren’t just insulting the alleged sissy. They are referring to the way these people behave.

Do you feel offended if people call you sissy? Do you feel you are a sissy?

Probably not, but you can’t be perfectly sure without taking this amusing and truthful sissy quiz. Let’s get started right now.

Trending  Sissy Quiz Are Here

Do you cry in public?

What did you play with as a child?

Have you ever wanted to try girls’ clothes? I mean even just for curiosity.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Do you go tanning?

Do you hold onto resentment or get over things quickly?

Which photo style do you like?

What does your handwriting look like?

Who decorated your house?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Which would you wear on the bottom?

Which would you wear on the top?

How do you sit?

Whose fashion sense do you follow?

What nationality are you or would you like to be?

How do your hands feel?

Do you get your feeling hurt easily?

What’s your favorite color?

What’s planted in your garden?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

If you own a pet, do you dress it up?

What do you usually dream about?

Why do you wear gloves?

Do you hate shopping?

Would you be a sissy to get laid?

What magazine do you read?

Most of my friends are girl or boy?

Where do you like to sit in a vehicle?

How long do you spend on your hair?

If you were to do a task out of the following, which one you would choose?

If you won a lottery what would the first thing you buy?

Would you kiss a man?

Do you like unicorns?

What movie genre do you prefer?

How do you wear your hair?

With whom do you live?

Do you get bullied?

What can you do your best in?



Well, you have answered all these questions. You may have realized what type are you. Were your answers mostly yes? Did you find that you have feminine hobbies? If yes, you might be the so-called sissy.

Hey! No offense. There is nothing wrong with being sissy. It is not bad to have feminine characters. But you should overcome your fears. Now, if someone calls you sissy, you better explain to them what it is and clarify them.

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